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TEL: +86-21-55389728
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Address: 5 Floor, Mingdao Mansion , No.8 Ganhe Road, Shanghai, 200437, China

Gentex, was established in 1999 as we saw a glaring customer need to provide a reliable quality, price competitive knit and woven performance apparel manufacturing service. Starting primarily in cycling, running and yoga apparel, we have expanded into skiwear and sailing apparel.

In support of our customers modern construction requirements, we expanded our factory technology, equipment and labor expertise, by adding new joint venture factories to our own knit and sublimation factory.

Currently, Gentex has 6 vertical knitted and woven factories and numerous performance fabric mills and trim vendors, allowing us to provide "state of the art " functional active wear and outerwear. 

We have spent 2015, travelling throughout China to expand our factory source, providing a broader product range and increased capacity, within the same "reliable" production model.

Genstex's experienced merchandisers provide the communication bridge essential for successful transmission of the customer requirements to the corresponding mill and factory floor.

We are committed to treating your brand as if our own and stand ready to meet your requirements.

Come join us for a successful journey.