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Selection of riding apparel

Cycling clothing:
1. try to choose a relatively large front zipper pull, breathable
2. the back or side pocket, you can put small objects, closed pockets let it go better
3. clothing with reflective strip. Night riding safety.
4. clothes tried them, stretch your arms to the front, waist slightly bending, sitting out a riding posture, if it can cover the wrists (long sleeves), Tuck, no sense of restraint, back waist meat not exposed, that size is almost.
5. cheap dozens of one try not to think about, brand fabrics, tailoring, crafts and goods not of law.
1. low profile selection of panties, OK work wear, too.
2. to wear outside, long and thin according to the situation, legs must not be to legs bind, parcels can be, but don't pressure.
3. absolute comfort, choose a strap style one, adapt after a few would be nice.
4. pants with cushion, the overall technical content higher than the tops, so if Jersey package sold, pants price than the coat. Similarly, price less than 200 pants chose less than 100 Yuan of direct Pass!
Finally, my experience says: a lot of bikers took thousands of tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a car, but could not bear to spend hundreds of Yuan to buy a high quality Jersey, coarse Jersey each time you go out, doesn't fit, riding, sweat lined out, his pain; three-bum, full of fear for long distance riding. So, we have conditions to talk and try to choose a brand of quality technology are guaranteed Jersey now!