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A Century History Of Skiing Clothing

Skiing has been an active sport, although it has been a long time in the country, but really hard work in this movement or Westerners, such as Skiing Clothing from the design and development will be able to see at a glance. From the 1960s to the present, Skiing Clothing have been modified and improved to form today's appearance.

Now Skiing Clothing, clothing with not only cold and more in line with the actual needs of winter sports, in addition to fashion is more than a functional breakthrough, the color can also meet the different preferences.

2000 Skiing Clothing, self-cultivation is clearly not now good, looks even a bit like home service, color is not so bold now, those pants look a bit "clumsy."

1980 Skiing Clothing, from color to design are very bold, flexible, warm, naughty.

The 1970 ski suit, and now the same time there was a hooded suit, and with a geometric pattern, when the ski suit was very popular.

1967 Skiing Clothing, models show the ski suit has let us see now the girls favorite, that is, "pantyhose", tights coupled with brightly colored ski suit can show a good body, the hat became the whole Modeling the most lively highlights.

In 1961, Brigitte Bardot was interviewed in a ski suit. 60 years of Skiing Clothing have been in its function has been a great development, such as scarves and clothing have their own signature, as well as clothing materials on how to focus on how to keep warm.

50 years of Skiing Clothing, hats are bright spots, as well as white and bold hit color contrast, and this style also tells us in the ski suit design and color use more and more open.