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Encourage biking to see what policies best of

Able to bicycle travel, believed to be the dream of many avid cyclists in everyday life. If the material is really envy. In fact, in recent years, many countries have already taken a very lucrative incentives to bike commuting public subsidies, that would hopefully reduce the car or motorcycle to work, while giving the cycling public subsidies. Now let us count States how attitudes toward encouraging cycling to and from work and see what incentives the most attractive.
France: every step on the 1 km will be a 0.25 euro
From June 2014, the romantic Frenchman simply came back excited--to commute by bike will provide financial aid, as a reward. Per person, per step 1 km to 0.25 euros subsidized, assumes the participation of the public work place about 5 stops from the residence, to bicycle travel, can get 50 to 60 euros per month grants. At present, the plan is still in the pilot stage.
Belgium: relief of € 0.15/riding 1 km car tax
In Belgium, tax cuts have been in operation for 5 years by bike, bicycles occupy Belgium total number of travel 8%. Netherlands since 1989 on the implementation of the transport scheme for employers in order to encourage employees to choose the transport health and environment. For example, some companies recommend to employees "annual tax program", the staff at riding 1 km € 0.15 tax relief.
Korea: biking to work more than 15 days a month will receive 30,000 won
At an early age, Korea Administrative Security Department launched the "2010 bicycle plan". In Qing shangnandaochang city, Chung Ching South Road, two pilot cities including Daejeon, biking to work for more than 15 days a month can get 30,000 won (about 183) over the subsidies.
Netherlands: companies in a variety of ways award
From 1989, the Netherlands implemented a traffic scheme for employers in order to encourage employees to choose the transport health and environment. Especially from the autumn of 2008, implementation of the mobile management tasks which make it more active and Government work together to promote the plan. Corporate reward bike commuting employees in various ways.
Like: employees can through company purchase duty-free bike, price drop half; some company monthly will issued traffic grants, stimulus employees modified riding most cheap of bike, to gets more profit; some company also will free to employees provides bike, and raincoat and other bike accessories; some company is additional has parking library, and for bike commute of employees dedicated has shower room and locker room; also some company to employees recommended has "annual tax points plans", Staff relief per riding 1 km € 0.15 (EUR 1 about 8.3 Yuan) taxes.
United States: enjoy certain tax breaks
The past, bike commuters of approximately 550,000 people across the United States, inadequate United States 1% of total employment. Most people buy bikes for fitness and recreation. In addition to New York, Chicago, San Francisco and other cities, most of the city is built for the automobile, there are few bike lanes. From 2014, the United States transportation budget of us $ 286 billion, 4 billion of which will be used for the construction of pedestrian facilities. This figure in 2005 over the 100%. United States Senate last month introduced a law, require that employees can enjoy riding a bike to work tax credits.
United Kingdom: the bicycle as a long term lease provided to employees
The scheme of national cycling and active transportation strategies, is the United Kingdom encouraged Green Transportation's latest move. United Kingdom Government has in recent years had similar projects, such as beginning in 2005 "cycling to work" through tax incentives encourage employees to cycle to work, reduce air pollution and improve physical health.
"Cycling to work" is the main content: company joined the project, buying bicycles, to long-term lease available to employees as a commuting vehicle, bicycles and accessories, such as lights, lock, helmet, basket, and all tax deductible. Declaration of assets and businesses can also have your car as an asset exemption. After the end of the lease period, employees can pay nominal money buy cars.
China: the implementation of cycling support policy
Beijing Municipal Government issued by the Beijing municipal construction human transportation technology traffic green transport plan of action puts bicycles directly support policy. Such as the establishment and improvement of pedestrian and bicycle traffic services project; building a bicycle lane and a pedestrian walkway network, strengthen the management of right of way; additional bicycle parking in the passenger set, relying on rail transport and public transport hub, set the 1000 or so bicycle rental point. Many enterprises invest in internal build bikes for free parking and bike storage rack, lift the bike commuters who worries. Major cities in the country, but also appears to be enjoyed by the public bike system, raise the Green wind.