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How Should Skiing Clothing?

In the winter, skiing should be the most sporting sport, but the general public exposure to skiing is relatively small, if there is no professional ski equipment, skiing when they should wear what? Skiing Clothing should be how to wear, skiing is not wearing more Thicker the better?

Skiing heat is not easy to wear too thick

This week, the public Ms. Zhou and friends to go skiing, "the thought of the snow inside are snow, and in the suburbs, certainly particularly cold." So, Ms. Zhou dressed in three layers of the three layers, and their own package Warm and and. "Just arrived in the snow I have a little regret, I did not think so cold, wearing a little more than a move on a sweat.

In the end how to wear a warm, have to be free? This is a lot of people to go before skiing to consider things. In this regard, Jin Xiangshan ski resort operations director Jia Liqun said that Ms. Zhou this wrong people really a lot, "In fact, the ski resort is not too cold, because we are in the suburbs, so the temperature will be lower than the urban area Three or four degrees.

"When the skiing has been in the movement, when the body activities will not feel cold, if too much wear is not uncomfortable but also affect the movement." Jia Liqun said that in skiing when the most professional clothing is skiing Clothes and ski pants, "professional Skiing Clothing and ski pants breathable, waterproof, warm, wear and other properties are very good, Skiing Clothing on the snow skirt design is also very practical when skiing.

What if there is no professional Skiing Clothing?

If there is no professional Skiing Clothing and ski pants how to do it? In addition to the snow rent, in fact, there can be alternative clothes. "Jackets and jackets should be the ideal clothing for alternative Skiing Clothing and ski pants." Jia Liqun said, Jackets and Chong Pants also has a waterproof, windproof, breathable, warm function, the thickness is just right.

When skiing is best not to wear down jacket, "down jacket warm, but relatively poor ventilation, not enough to deal with a large number of perspiration when the movement." In addition, when the best choice when the coat wearing a bright color, "ski The venue of everyone's movement speed is very fast, bright clothes more conspicuous, not easy to be hit. "Jia Liqun said.

Jacket inside, but also need to wear a middle layer of clothes, this layer can choose to catch fleece, hoodies and other clothing, the main function is to keep warm. And the inside of the underwear have to have the function of perspiration, can not wear cotton underwear skiing, "cotton underwear although sweat, but after the wet is not easy to dry, easy to wear in the body cold, the best choice for quick-drying function Of the underwear. "

In addition to underwear, some small equipment is also very important. Jia Liqun said that ski shoes need to wear professional, "ski shoes and snowboarders can choose to rent to the ski resort." Skiing Clothing socks do not ignore, to choose warm and strong, in addition to the socks to be higher, Higher than the lower leg under the knee.

In skiing, gloves are also necessary, be sure to prepare a pair, otherwise exposed to the outside of the hand will be very cold "It is best to wear a hat, skiing process because the speed is faster, the head will feel very cold." Jia Liqun said.

In addition, when skiing need to prepare a pair of skiing mirror, Jia Liqun said that the snow due to strong reflection of the sun, look a long time to stimulate the eyes great. If the occasional skiing, no skiing mirror, you can find sunglasses instead.