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How To Identify The Quality Of Cycling Clothing

If you like cycling, if you are concerned about your own health, if you are buying a set of windbreaker clothes for yourself, please be patient - just for a healthier, more windy ride! Friends of the Cycling Clothing awareness, limited to can reduce the pain of the buttocks! Lack of awareness of the Cycling Clothing, I think there are two main reasons:

1, China's cycling environment is far less like Europe and the United States and other countries (Hong Kong and Taiwan cycling popularity is quite high), cycling is currently in China is only a small minority movement, the promotion is not high. Central France Central 5 Central did not broadcast before. In this case, less attention to the bike, on the Cycling Clothing even more to say!

2, the domestic real professional and focus on the Cycling Clothing company is very small. Many companies do cycling clothes, the main business is daily wear clothing, Cycling Clothing is a subsidiary product, and are taking a sample to the cottage. Lance ring law uniform service, but to feed a lot of Chinese cottage factory. But this group of cottage factory, there are a few really understand the bike, understand the needs of athletes, men and women understand the physiological structure and sports protection combined? Did not despise the meaning of the domestic market, the domestic or the first to more reliable manufacturers. Speaking of this way to teach you how to judge whether a factory is reliable, the first thing you can see is that the general comparison of professional manufacturers, they will have designated the signing of the UCI team. Come again is to see whether a manufacturer of foreign exports, I mean Europe and the United States and the like, these countries generally have excellent quality requirements, individuals now know that these resources, on the cool and think of its two, Welcome users to add.

I introduce the following description of the Cycling Clothing itself, in this initiate, with their own knowledge, experience, combined with the actual situation, for you riders say the most important aspects of Cycling Clothing, and why should the election On the Cycling Clothing. Lack of experience, the error will inevitably welcome you riders correct me.

The role of Cycling Clothing: the role of a lot of Cycling Clothing, not everyone's only concern to reduce hip pain (slow pressure). To sum up, there are probably the following: slow pressure, close, quick dry, perspiration, moisture absorption, insulation, wind, rain, UV, drop (friction), sterilization. The most advanced materials in addition to the above role, there is the role of reducing the wind resistance. Of course, it is impossible for a piece of clothing to have all of the above functions, for example, winter Cycling Clothing with fleece fabric production, emphasizing insulation, so poor ventilation performance. Below there will be a brief introduction to the function, the cock as much as possible coupled with the picture contrast.

Bicycles clothing five aspects: the impact of the five factors of price (1. do not consider labor costs; 2. because some trade secrets, the name of the material will not give, so it will not be too detailed, but to ensure that you understand how to identify good or bad Forgive me