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Skiing Clothing Are Generally Divided Into Competitive Clothes And Travel Suits

Skiing Clothing are generally divided into competitive clothes and travel suits. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the game, focusing on the improvement of athletic performance. Travel is mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. Skiing Clothing color is generally very bright, it is not only from the aesthetic considerations, more important is from the security aspects of thinking. If skiing in the mountains, especially on steep slopes, away from the construction of the ski resort prone to collapse or lost direction, in this case bright clothing for the search to provide a good vision.

As skiing is a sport in a cold environment, it is best not to use cotton products, but with a special silk made of special materials, breathable and allow sweat molecules to reveal the underwear. Its inner layer has a layer of one-way wicking effect of chemical fiber material, itself does not absorb water, the outer layer is cotton products, sweat can be absorbed in the cotton products, the effect is very good.

In addition, skiing will inevitably fall. If there is no Siamese Skiing Clothing, fall after the snow from the ankle, wrist, collar, etc. into the clothing. The solution to this problem is very simple, only to a pair of acrylic cotton woven into a flexible long knee knee, a wide wrist with a scarf to solve the problem.

Skiing Clothing category: double board Siamese: the advantages of traditional Skiing Clothing is to let the clothes inside the snow, Siamese design, but the action is not convenient, has been eliminated, the current almost no sales, has been replaced separately.

Double board split: which contains cotton or other warm layer, similar to the mountain Jackets design, beautiful style.

Board split: generally are single-layer design, in front of the increase in warm layer, the back of a single layer of breathable, clothes hypertrophy.

Tights: special warm layer, the best sweat effect, the game dedicated.