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Skiing Clothing Are Not Thicker The Better

1, Skiing Clothing:

Most people think that skiing to wear a little more, so as to avoid freezing. Standard Skiing Clothing are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. Skiing Clothing color is generally very bright, it is not only from the aesthetic considerations, more important is from the security aspects of thinking. Bright clothing for the search to provide a good vision. As skiing is a sport in a cold environment, the fabric to use a waterproof, windproof, breathable, wear and tear resistance of the better material. Ski service professional inner insulation materials, so as to skiers in the movement and ride the cableway to provide a good warm conditions.

2, ski underwear:

Professional ski underwear is made of chemical fiber fabric, personal, there is a ductility, the key is breathable, so that sweat molecules revealed. If the economic conditions permit, you can choose a silk-leng materials made of underwear, which is an international advanced materials, its inner layer of a layer of one-way wicking effect of chemical fiber material, itself does not absorb water, the outer layer is Cotton products, sweat can be adsorbed on cotton products.

3. Snowboard:

Generally divided into alpine board, cross-country winter two plates, platform board, freestyle board, veneer and so on. In the choice of the length of the snowboard, the longest should not exceed my arm when the height of the wrist is limited, the shortest should not be shorter than the crotch.

4, fixed:

The fixture, also known as the disconnector, is an important part of connecting skis and ski boots, which plays an important protective role in the safety of skiers. Modern fixtures have the ability to automatically keep the skis and skis off when the athlete falls, to protect the athlete from harm.

5, ski shoes:

Ski shoes are generally divided into high mountain shoes, cross-country shoes, jump shoes and single board shoes.

6, snow pole:

Snow pole is used to support the advancement of skiing, control the balance, guide change, support the body. Snow poles are generally divided into high mountain sticks, cross joys and free ski ballet sticks. Snow pole to have with, it can be set on the wrist, to prevent falling off.

7, skiing mirror:

Ski mirror is divided into mountain mirror, jump mirror, off-road mirror, since the mirror and so on. As the snow reflection on the snow is very powerful, coupled with the sliding in the cold wind on the eye a lot of stimulation, so the need for ski protection to protect the skier's eyes.