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Skiing Clothing Fashion Style

Wear Skiing Clothing but also the United States and the United States or da how to send friends circle? The

It is also a year ski season, presumably you will be the most sincerity of the winter temperature sense of "frozen" to the skiing is an essential winter outdoor items. As a taste of us, how to lose in the ski equipment to others!

The beginning of the rookie, pick a warm and waterproof ski equipment, is the best way to start the sport. Camouflage, fluorescent, graffiti ... ... colored Skiing Clothing whether to allow you to pick the eye, and now most of the ski clothes for one-off or one-piece pants shape. Can you ever seen Skiing Clothing in a skirt?

In fact, as early as a century ago, people began to show their style in the ski resort!

1900 Skiing Clothing: a pair of skiers, in addition to wear heavier, looks like the winter daily dress and no difference.

In 1929, in order to reduce the resistance of skating, then the Skiing Clothing began to become more fit physique. People take the homemade "ski sails."

In 1947, fresh objects were born! This looks super funny sunglasses, is the prototype of today's protective glasses.

In 1949, the shape of Skiing Clothing basically fixed, skirt styling disappear, convenient pants have been recognized, goggles has since become a standard ski equipment items.

In 1960, the two skiers carried a balaclava helmet, which is the predecessor of today's helmet.

When people are no longer satisfied with the Skiing Clothing is outdated styling, so in 1970 the birth of the popular hippie wind Skiing Clothing. With the most popular hippie wind at the time, this dress is said to be the most fashionable ski clothing sector.

Skiing Clothing has evolved so far, has embarked on the T-Taiwan has become the inspiration for fashion masters, in the hands of designers were created into a variety of tricks. Reflective safety goggles, round-the-shoe inserts and futuristic materials. In order to exercise this handsome head, let's go skiing!

Ski goggles, the color is very bright, absolutely able to meet your girl heart. I believe in the vast snow to wear this gleaming mirror is also a lot of eyes.

Simple solid color Skiing Clothing is a very good choice. Skiing Clothing and down jacket design, Puff appearance looks very warm. Even without wearing too much can achieve the ultimate antifreeze effect.

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