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Skiing Clothing Inside How To Take?

Windproof and waterproof street Fan children Skiing Clothing, not necessarily only in the snow to wear, take the usual ride is completely another style. Make a new attempt, whether it is as a warm winter or in order to reduce the size of the cumbersome, like a strange sex has become a bright spot on the streets.

On the length of the snow, try to buy long section. Fall or snow on the time to wrap the buttocks, reduce the snow accidentally into the clothes inside, or wait to go home to cupping it!

Skiing Clothing inside how to take?

With A: hoodie + Skiing Clothing

Wearing a hoodie in the Skiing Clothing, it is best black and gray with, when the temperature is relatively high, wearing a ski hat sweater, or with a piece of coach jacket, with skiing when the wind was slightly shaking clothes, Is Pro Fan children. When the temperature is low, put the Skiing Clothing on, remember to have to hood the hat oblique 45 ° wear in the snow hat, remember! Oblique 45 °! The Both to prevent the rear of the neck ventilation, but also to protect the ears. The key is too Fan children!

With B: quick clothes + T shirt

Fast drying clothes can be put on the outside of long ski T-shirt, a lot of time will get off the Skiing Clothing, especially in the ski resort to rest or dinner, wearing Skiing Clothing hot, off the Skiing Clothing dry clothes will Your body sketches like Michelin endorsement in general, for your good image, listen to me, accessories long T-shirt it!

T-shirt outside put on a loose hoodie, hem reveal a little T-shirt edge, rich sense of hierarchy is more and more popular with the way.

The importance of Skiing Clothing in skiing

Generally Skiing Clothing collar will be part of the top, blocking the lower jaw, when skiing is not easy to leak.

Skiing Clothing or wearing a hoodie, the rear of the hat to effectively block part of the neck, strenuous exercise in addition to the wind outside, but also to prevent the fall when the neck into the snow.

Why Skiing Clothing so expensive?

Whether from the design cut or function, Skiing Clothing with the Jackets is not the same thing, do not confuse, with the words of the factory: to do a Skiing Clothing time, can make more than five Jackets!

Snow clothing waterproof permeability and warmth are professional indicators, do not expect ordinary jacket down jacket can replace the use of slippery for a while let you was the wind through the cool, covered with wet.

10000 of the waterproof index, the equivalent of 10 meters high water column to keep you in the body for one hour, in this case of high water pressure, you wear the Skiing Clothing can not water; 10000 breathable index, 10000G / square meter / 24 hours, which means that your fabric per square meter in a day can reveal 10000G of water.