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Skiing Clothing Selection Points

In the world of snow and ice, the most suitable sport is skiing, but you know how to choose Skiing Clothing? Here with Xiaobian together to find out about it.

1, avoid wearing all white

From the color point of view, the best choice to form a large contrast with the white red, orange, blue or a variety of colors with eye-catching tone, one for other skiers to provide eye-catching signs to avoid the occurrence of collision accident; The second is to add charm to this sport, a beautiful, fit professional Skiing Clothing allows you to experience the movement of nature is still happy when the body beautiful curves. It is best not to wear all white Skiing Clothing.

2, do not be too tight

Select Skiing Clothing, the first can not choose too small or too tight clothing, that will limit the sliding action. For beginners, wear a Skiing Clothing for casual wear more casual skiing. If there is no one Skiing Clothing, a pair of acrylic cotton woven into a flexible long knee, a wide wrist plus a scarf can also prevent snow.

3, open large zipper

Ski service openings to large zipper-based, so wear gloves can also be easy to operate how to choose Skiing Clothing. Skiing Clothing have a number of easy to open large pocket, in order to some of the commonly used ski products into different categories, easy to use. As often need to hand to skate the ski equipment and hold the snow poles taxi, so ski gloves to be large, to choose five fingers separated. Gloves wrist to long, it is best to cover the cuffs, such as elastic band can be sealed, can effectively prevent the entry of snow.

4, personal underwear is best non-cotton system

It is also important to choose and use underwear. In the choice of personal underwear, it is best not to use cotton products, you can wear a nylon neck vest with a mesh, and then put on the outside of a stretch of cotton vest, so that the body will sweat through the nylon vest to the elastic vest , Will not produce a cold feeling If the economic conditions permit, you can also choose a silk-lun materials made of underwear, itself does not absorb water, the outer layer of cotton products, sweat can be adsorbed on cotton products, the effect is very good.

Whether the cotton can replace the Skiing Clothing

Ice and snow tourism should first pay attention to the cold and warm, wearing a soft texture of the winter clothes, it is best down jacket, space suit like clothing, light and warm. However, some skiers, in order to save 30 yuan rent ski cost, wearing their own cotton clothing battle. In fact, simply do not meet the requirements of warmth. It is understood that skiing Skiing Clothing to keep warm, cold, light, tight mouth

As most of the ski resort temperature is low, the wind is large, the snow is hard, so from the clothing material point of view, the Skiing Clothing fabric should use the wind treatment of nylon or anti-tear material is better how to choose ski service leisure sports. Most skiers will favor a Skiing Clothing with GORE-TEX fabric with excellent waterproof, windproof and breathable properties. In the storm (snow) can still withstand the rain (snow) into, so 100% absolute waterproof. At the same time, the sweat can pass through the fabric, smooth discharge, people feel very comfortable; for the snow in the fought friends, this feature is particularly important, even if you enjoy skiing day, will not wet Snow clothes inside the clothes.

In view of the low temperature of the airway running on the ski slopes, the inner temperature of the ski service should be used with warm or good hollow cotton or DuPont cotton so as to provide a good warm condition for the skier to ride the cableway.