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What Is The Fabric Of The Skiing Clothing?

What is the fabric of the Skiing Clothing? Ski clothing fabrics not only need customer service outside the cold conditions, but also need to protect and maintain the body temperature, so in the production process is often the use of excellent thermal insulation materials, in addition to the use of advanced technology to ensure the comfort of clothing. Generally speaking, the ski clothing fabric will use the internal and external double-layer structure, the outer layer uses the breathable, waterproof, wear-resistant material, and the inner gall is with silk floss, DuPont surface and so on with excellent thermal insulation and perspiration, breathable fabric.

Because most of the ski field temperature is low, the wind is big, the snow is hard, so from the clothing material look, the ski clothing fabric should choose the wind-resistant nylon or the tear-proof cloth material is better. Most skiers will favor wearing Skiing Clothing with excellent waterproof, windproof and breathable Tex fabrics. In the storm (snow) can still resist the rain (snow) Enter, do 100% absolute waterproof. At the same time, sweat can be leisurely through the cloth, smooth discharge, making people feel very comfortable; This is especially important for friends who are in the snow, even if you ski for a day without getting wet in the clothes in the snow suit.

The difference between a Skiing Clothing fabric and an emergency suit

Skiing Clothing and charge clothes are outdoor sports clothing equipment, and all have waterproof, warm, breathable function, many friends without doubt, Skiing Clothing and charge clothing is the same? Can I wear an emergency suit instead of a non-slip suit? In fact, the two can not be confused, the following little series from the fabric said:

From the fabric, ski wear parameters are generally much higher than the charge clothing. Now the charge clothes are taking the lightweight line, the mature use of hot-laminating technology, a large number of new technology fabrics widely used to reduce the overall charge clothing a lot of unnecessary weight. Compared with the Skiing Clothing, the charge clothes are lighter and the shape is simpler. In contrast to the charge clothing, ski wear more emphasis on the waterproof and warmth of the clothing function. Therefore, in the fabric requirements are relatively high, will use more materials to improve these performance indicators, such as thicker lining, more fabric adhesive coating. As a result, Skiing Clothing are relatively thicker and more complex in overall form.

Finally small series of tips, choose ski Clothing should pay attention to, the outer material of ski clothing should choose wear-resistant, windproof, waterproof material, the inner layer should choose warm, breathable material. A Skiing Clothing cannot choose a garment that is too small or too tight, which limits the glide motion.