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Winter Cycling Clothing Dress Code Reference

Winter riding the biggest pain than the wet outside the frozen, in the 0 degrees below the environment, you are soaked, hands and feet numb, tears, mouth full of mouth, and cold wind but kept to the body irrigation, which Kind of painful feeling will make you wait for a drill into a sauna full of steam. In fact, you do not have to be so painful to ride a bike, if you choose the right winter riding equipment, you can experience different from other season riding fun - riding in the winding mountain (or Chang riding On a straight road), breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the unpolished snow.

First of all, we say that the Cycling Clothing, winter temperatures are relatively low, the human body heat consumption, in the dress should first consider the wind, breathable, warm the three principles, the wind refers to the limited external cold air direct contact with the body, resulting in physical discomfort , Breath refers to the body of natural perspiration, heat, the heat and water vapor will not stay in the clothing, the faster discharge. Keep warm, as the name suggests, is to keep the body temperature. Outdoor clothing is actually a three-tier dress principle, the inner layer of dry sweat, the middle layer of warm, the outer wind, according to the riding characteristics of some of the better. If the outer breathable index is above 20000mm / 24h or above, of course.

One, underwear

This layer to choose quick-drying perspiration material clothes, it is best to tighten, so quick dry perspiration effect will be better, the general is generally coolmax material, you can also use short-sleeved bike clothing instead, after all, almost material, breathability better. Can also be outdoor T-shirt, but absolutely do not wear cotton T-shirt or cotton underwear, this clothes sweat after the posts in the body, so you feel very unhappy, and it is easy to cold, and even frostbite. Otherwise you will be very cold, coat and then thick is useless.

Second, catch cashmere clothing

This layer is the best choice to keep warm better fleece, if it is quicker and better. Such as Decathlon (decathlon) perennial 49 selling cashmere Cycling Clothing is a good choice, that is, relatively large static electricity, you can also choose to fleeing the ride, the effect is better.

Third, the windbreaker

For riding a bike, in fact, do not have to consider the waterproof performance of Cycling Clothing, the most important is the wind and air, there are many people wearing jackets in winter wear cycling, in fact, according to my experience, Jackets are not suitable for cycling, First of all, the breath of the clothes can not reach the requirements of riding, and this large dress will increase the wind resistance, resulting in unnecessary heat loss, the safety of riding will bring no small hidden dangers. Winter cycling should try to choose a more tight soft shell or skin windbreaker.